The idea is of collecting data points about thyself, in hope of drawing constructive inferences and use that to make positive changes to lifestyle.

Here are some data points I would like to collate and analyze

Data sources

  • Movies watched: Trakt
  • Books read: Goodreads
  • Song listening history:
  • Run tracking: Strava
  • Habits
  • Programs used on the computer
  • Travel data
  • Caffeine intake
  • Food and corresponding calories
  • Financial Transactions
  • Podcasts
  • Chat history
  • Videos watched
  • Videos linked
  • Articles read
  • Articles liked
  • Websites visited
  • Articles I would want to refer later
  • Notes from books
  • Sleep tracking
  • Purchasing history
  • What do I ask alexa?
  • EMail data
  • Keystrokes
  • Calendar events
  • Phone calls
  • Investments
  • Apps used on phone
  • Mood tracking

Life log: A event aggregator of life

This is one project I intend on taking up sometime soon. Let’s call the project, Life log. Life log is an event aggregator, that takes a lot of inputs from different sources. Trakt, Strava, Calendar, Phone, Sleep, Travel and many more. This is later indexed for deriving insights.