• Double lift
  • False deal from the bottom
  • Top card change


Double lift and card reveal

  • double lift and show the card
  • pick the top card and insert in the middle
  • build up: ask them to put the hand on top, think about the card, snap fingers
  • reveal card

Vernon change

  • tutorial
  • slide from under to change card

Card identification from the card next to it post flip

  • remember the last card in the deck
  • spread, let them pick a card
  • place it on the top and do one cut so that the last card lines up with the card they picked
  • do more cuts as an illusion
  • buildup: spread, ask them to start scanning with their hand. check for pulse and pretend you can read minds
  • pick the card to the right of the card at the bottom of the deck you remembered before