Every time you solve a problem in your engineering career, some structures keep popping up in multiple domains.

For example

  • you might have user’s, who’ll have a status of sorts. and you might want to keep a track of the status and move it from INITIATED -> VERIFIED
  • using some business rules, maybe you want to apply some specific offers to a segment of your customer base
  • you have an admin portal, where you want certain people to access some endpoints and prohibit certain people from accessing it

These are not limited to ed-tech’s, fin-tech’s etc.. Most of the user facing software tends to run into these problems & having a structured way of solving it really helps in the long term.

This is what I’m terming it as an Engineers toolbox

Abstractions which are cross domain and mathematical in nature which help solve complex domain problems with ease. A toolbox which every engineer should be familiar with.

The Toolbox

All of these are language & domain agnostic. I’ll be sharing examples from the typescript world, but every language has libraries. I’ll keep adding more with time. Explore the notes linked to deeply understand how and where the concepts are useful.

I attempt to build these from scratch to get a deep understanding, you can read more over at the from scratch website