• Battery life
  • Nothing replaces Alfred on Linux. I just want to have raise if already open along with launching apps & plugins
  • Something along the lines of keyboard maestro. I want to use long press capslock as hyper key and build shortcuts on top of that. For example, hyper+F opens firefox
    • KeyD solves this, config sync is something we’ll need to
  • no way from terminal to run-or-raise as of now in gnome / wayland
  • ~~sync gnome settings across systems, especially shortcuts
    • using extensions sync GNOME extension
  • using stow to sync config which is at a root directory level, like keyd config


  • no straight forward way to have a system to keep in touch with connects. contact information is scattered across linkedin, twitter, phone numbers
  • We are expected to comply with a law which is not straightforward to search and comprehend
  • Finance institutions and individuals have credit scores which judge them for bad behavior. What’s the ||el in the NGO world?
  • Why is there no straightforward way to track where money goes?
  • Why do I need so many apps on my phone?